Computer on Office Automation
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    Computer on Office Automation

    COA - Training

JULY 2017

Time-Two Hours

Maximum Marks: 100

I. Fill in the Blanks (Answer all Questions) 10x1=10 marks

1. CPU Stands for _________.

2. ___________ and Portrait are page orientation.

3. ___________ function displays a row data in a column or a column data in a row.

4. Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation.

5. ___________ key is pressed for spell checking.

6. ___________ is the Command used to remove directory in Linux.

7. Open office ___________ is similar to MS Access.

8. www stands for ______________.

9. Open office ____________ is used for processing word document.

10. In E-mail terminology CC stands for ________________.

II. Match the following (Answer all Questions) 10x1=10 marks

1.Cache Memory a. Formatting
2.Opera b. Messenger
3.Linux c. Excel
4. Presentation d. High Speed Data Access
5. Blog e. Impress
6. VLOOKUP f. Operating System
7. Calc g. Access
8. Page style h. Browser
9.Queries i. Spreadsheet
10. Whatsapp j. Post

III. Choose the Best Answer (Answer all Questions) 10x1=10 marks
1. Where is RAM located ?
a. Expansion Slot b. External Drive c. Motherboard All the above
2. Full form of URL is ___________
a. Uniform Resource Locator b. Uniform Resource Link c. Uniform Registered Link c. Unified Resource Locator
3. Where are saved files stored in the Computer ?
a. Ram b. Cache c. Hard Disk d. ROM
4. Linux is an _______________
a. malware b. Operating System c. Application Program d. Firmware
5. 1 Megabyte is equal to ____________________
a. 1024 bytes b. 1024 kbytes c. 1024 Gbytes d. 1024 bits
6. Microsoft is a type of _____________
a. System Software b. Application Software c. Utility Software d. Firmware
7. The default extension of calc file is ______________
a. .odf b. .odw c. .ods d. odcalc
8. To open an existing database, press _______________ in the keyboard.
a. Ctrl+N b. Ctrl+O c. Ctrl+X d. Ctrl+S
9. To insert a new slide in Power Point, Press _____________ in the keyboard.
a. Ctrl+M b. Ctrl+D c. Ctrl+T d. Ctrl+J
10. What is the keyboard shortcut for creating a new document in Open Office Writer ?
a. Ctrl+V b. Ctrl+N c. Ctrl+Z d. Ctrl+X

IV. Say True or False (Answer all Questions) 10x1=10 marks

1. One Byte is equal to 8 bits.

2. OMR stands for Optical Message Reader.

3. The function Key F5 is used to check spelling.

4. CTRL+I is used to bold text or remove bold formatting.

5. Alt+Y is used to open the external data tab in MS-Access.

6. Sound files Cannot be added to a slide.

7. Skype is an application to chat in Video.

8. Ubunto OS is not based on Linux OS.

9. In linux everything is stored as a file.

10. It is possible to export drawings as Macromedia flash files in open office Impress.

V Write short answers for the follwing:(15 x 2 =30)

1. What is the use of port ?

2. What for scroll bars are used ?

3. List the advantages of mail merge feature.

4. How do you open a file in Calc?

5. What are the uses of reports in Open Office Base ?

6. List the effects that can be used to improve the presentation.

7. What are websites and URLs?

8. Differentiate work book and work sheet in Calc.

9. Define Notepad.

10. Is Open office compatible with Microsoft Office ? Explain.

11. How can you customize your desktop?

12. What are the uses of header and footer in MS-WORD?

13. What are the advantages of E-mail?

14. Define a text box. How you will insert a text box in your document?

15. What is Sorting ? How can you sort a cell range in MS-Excel?

VI. Write answers in detail: ( 6 x 5 = 30 marks )

1. a. Explain about input and output devices
    b. Explain the characteristics of a Computer

2. a. Explain the features of Linux
    b. Explain the following Linux Commands: i. Cat ii. wc iii. mkdir iv. remdir v. who

3. a. Compare Microsoft Office and Open Office.
     b. Explain how you can add auto shapes in a document ?

4. a. How you will use auto fill in MS Excel? Name the different types of Charts in MS Excel
    b. How you will create and insert charts in Open Office Calc?

5. a. Explain the type of Fields available in MS Access table.
    b. Explain the steps to create a Presentation in Open Office Impress.

6. a. What is a web browser ? What are the different browsers available ?
     b. How will you attach files to your mail ? What are the issues to be considered while attaching files ?

Computer on Office Automation Mark Allocation - Theory Exam

Fill in the blanks 10 x 1 = 10
Matching the pairs 10 x 1 = 10
Multiple choice questions 10 x 1 = 10
True or False 10 x 1 = 10
One or Two line descriptive type questions 15 x 2 = 30
Short answer descriptive type questions 6 x 5 = 30
(Each question will have two subdivisions out of which one has to be answered)

Computer on Office Automation Mark Allocation - Practical

Distribution of Marks:
In the Practical Examination, Question Paper should be in two Parts
i.e. Part A comprising 3 questions and Part B comprising 2 questions.